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QualiTube is a video publishing platform for high-quality product reviews, comparison videos and unboxing videos. We give the creators tools needed to turn their videos into beautiful, helpful and accessible pages.

There are too many low-quality, misleading and straight-up fake product reviews on the Internet. We're building a place that will only contain quality opinions from verified voices - this is our way of taking on the deteriorating state of the fake review problem.

Our team find the best product experts and enthusiasts that seem to know their stuff, and invite them to the platform. Creators also apply themselves.

Anybody can apply, but we'll need to first make sure that your videos comply with our quality guidelines.

A video reviewing a particular product may have links to online stores that sell said product. If you follow those links and make a purchase, creator may receive commission from your purchase. QualiTube may get a small part of that commission. This model is similar to Youtube, but we take less from creators.

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QualiTube is a video publishing platform for high-quality product reviews.

Every creator has been manually approved by our team. We strive to bring you honest and unbiased opinions from experts and enthusiasts. Read here about why we do this.

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