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Passive income. High-quality reviews rank great in search engines and generate passive income for you for years. Your already have amazing video reviews. Take a few minutes to convert your videos into stunning articles.

  • You can add text, images, conversion buttons, annotate it as a "review", edit title and meta description so that you appear more in Google.
  • You can add customizable conversion buttons and widgets for a dramatically better affiliate CTR in comparison to "link in the description".
  • You get to choose what happens at the end of the video (link to your other videos, your Youtube channel or an affiliate link)
  • We don't show competitor videos next to yours.

We only work with creators who create honest high-quality reviews of products. Please refer to quality guidelines. A high-quality review doesn't need to have high production value, it needs to show the product, the person talking about the product, and share the reviewer's honest opinions.

It might not seem like much, but it's better than 90% of reviews one can find online. You would be shocked to find out how many 'review websites' are out there that review products without ever even seeing those products.

Yes, your articles and videos are your intellectual property, and have 100% control over them.

First you need to sign up here. Then, on the account page you can find a button to upload/import a video.

Not necessarily, but the absolute majority of people we talked with so far who publish quality review videos have a Youtube channel.

Not currently. Our preferred way of monetizing content is via affiliate links. We are considering adding the feature that will allow you to publish adsense ads on your pages. Let us know if you would want this.

$0 per month and 15% commission from earnings. You share a small fraction of your affiliate commission with us, only after you start actually earning money. Please read here for more details pricing information.

Same as with any other review publishing platform - include affiliate links and conversion boxes in your articles. Your affiliate provider (Amazon, Sharasale, Commission Junction, etc) will pay you. We don't issues payments, we provide a very easy way to set up a profitable, ethical review website. Read more here

Videos are not treated the same way as text by search engines. On January 22nd, 2021, Google confirmed that video and text for that video are not considered duplicate content.

Of course! The whole point of our platform is to give you all the tools you need to build stunning video pages, without restricting you with complicated terms and algorithms. Our video page builder allows you to insert pretty "subscribe on Youtube" and "subscribe on Patreon" buttons anywhere in your videos.

After your account is approved, you can mass import your Youtube videos to QualiTube. When creating a QualiTube article, just enter the YouTube video url and QualiTube will import your video.If this is something you don't want to deal with, you can ask our team to do this for you. This what we call a 'managed account' and you can read more about it here.

It's increasingly tough for independent websites to compete with CNET, Wirecutter, Techradar, BestReviews, and literally hundreds of publishers that publish dozens listicles on every subject every day. Did you know that there is a rise in websites that literally use AI to write reviews, 'generating' thousands of mediocre reviews per day?

Your review content is better, but you're against an entire industry. This is why we're making a platform that allows independent creators and product enthusiasts to unite against this madness. You're still publishing independently, but you're backed by authority of all other awesome creators, while we, the QualiTube platform, provide you with the best tech, geared at better UX, conversion rates and SEO.

Yes. This is particularly important for channels that do video listicles. Modern SEO effectively requires publishers to update a listicle about once per year. Because of this, unlike Youtube, we allow updating the video. However, we require that the nature of the video remains unchanged

  • You can update a video about "Best cordless vacuums" to include new picks, as long it's still about cordless vacuums
  • You can't replace a review of JBL Charge 4 with a review of JBL Charge 5. However, you can create a separate video review of JBL Charge 5, and then update your video review of JBL Charge 4 to include a segment that promotes and links to your Charge 5 video.
If you update a video, it will be reflected in public video history.
As for the meta-content of the video (text, anchors, images, conversion actions, post-video actions, etc) - you can update them however you want.

Most affiliate agreements don't restrict where you put the affiliate link and publish your content, provided that your content doesn't violate the agreement. Please note, that this does depend on your specific affiliate network/agreement that you're using. Keep in mind: QualiTube acts as a publishing platform; it is up to you to make sure that your content is within the affiliate agreement that you're using.

Yes and yes.

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