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QualiTube is a platform for high quality video product reviews. All creators are manually approved. We believe that product recommendations should be done by passionate enthusiasts, not by "pay-per-word" writers or bots.

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Let's talk about fake reviews

People buy stuff that has good reviews. This created a "fake review arms race" on marketplaces - sellers source fake reviews, and marketplaces try to prevent that. So far the sellers are winning. Reports find that the ratio of fake reviews is steadily growing and the general trust in customer reviews is dropping.

Sounds unpleasant? Now imagine you're a content creator.

Imagine spending a week creating an amazing video or article that details the pros and cons of a product, sharing your expertise, working on high-quality photography and editing... to be completely outranked into oblivion by dozens lazy listicles and 2-minute unboxing videos.

Empowering independent creators

Believe it or not, it's hot out there in the world of product reviews. On one hand publishing companies have networks of websites powered by proprietary tech to optimize for traffic and conversions; on the other hand networks of small affiliate websites literally use artificial intelligence to write product reviews.

Product enthusiasts might have the best expertise, but competing with the current state of the market is not easy. We give the necessary tools and a platform to help creators showcase their product reviews in an efficient, ethical way.

Why such emphasis on video reviews?

Video reviews are the hardest to fake. Our quality guidelines require both the narrator and the product to be in frame. Videos show the process of using the product, which is particularly valuable.

We are on a mission to restore trust in product recommendations.

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QualiTube is a video publishing platform for high-quality product reviews.

Every creator has been manually approved by our team. We strive to bring you honest and unbiased opinions from experts and enthusiasts. Read here about why we do this.

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